Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Halton Region First Nations Education

On Monday we were at Notre Dame Secondary School to take part in the First Nations Education presentation for Halton Catholic and Halton District School Boards. This was a challenge for me because I wore the wrong dress to hoop dance in. I didn't think about the fact that my skirt had a flare on it and that made it impossible to see my hoops. It wasn't a disaster but I definitely learned my lesson.

This morning we did a workshop for a group of students from China on the rail trail in Paris. It was a very warm day and there wasn't much shade to be had. Derek had a bit of a discussion with this dog because it was drinking up the water source.

I had to commend the students for dancing with us because it was hot. We did cut it short however and just talked with them because we didn't want anyone to keel over. There were a few bike riders who had to cut through our presentation because we were literally on the trail because that was the only clear spot to dance. One biker even whipped out his phone for a photo. I'm sure we're not what he expected to see during his workout today.

We were at Holy Trinity SS this evening for another FN education presentation. The turn out was a bit small but man did we have fun tonight. We are headed to Hamilton tomorrow that is if I can drag myself out of my nice cooooool basement. Enjoy the heat but take care and have a great night!

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