Wednesday, May 18, 2011

David Bouchard

Yesterday we danced before the Author David Bouchard spoke at the Kitchener City Hall. The dance area was a tiny bit cramped but we did our best. I had to laugh because we chased David right out of his seat because we needed the dance space. David is a fantastic story teller. We were given signed books and I know the kids will cherish them.

I wanted to point out that is a great resource for books and other educational materials for First Nations culture. I took a quick tour of their facility today and wow was I impressed.

We were given the Council Chambers as a changeroom. Pretty swanky. The kids were thrilled to sit in the Mayor's chair. Well we assumed that was the Mayor's chair anyway. Ava thought it was the King's chair.

When I talked about our visit to Mary Johnston PS I forgot to mention that it was Teacher treat day. We couldn't have come on a better day. Look at that spread. A sugarholics dream!

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