Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Halton Region First Nations Education

On Monday we were at Notre Dame Secondary School to take part in the First Nations Education presentation for Halton Catholic and Halton District School Boards. This was a challenge for me because I wore the wrong dress to hoop dance in. I didn't think about the fact that my skirt had a flare on it and that made it impossible to see my hoops. It wasn't a disaster but I definitely learned my lesson.

This morning we did a workshop for a group of students from China on the rail trail in Paris. It was a very warm day and there wasn't much shade to be had. Derek had a bit of a discussion with this dog because it was drinking up the water source.

I had to commend the students for dancing with us because it was hot. We did cut it short however and just talked with them because we didn't want anyone to keel over. There were a few bike riders who had to cut through our presentation because we were literally on the trail because that was the only clear spot to dance. One biker even whipped out his phone for a photo. I'm sure we're not what he expected to see during his workout today.

We were at Holy Trinity SS this evening for another FN education presentation. The turn out was a bit small but man did we have fun tonight. We are headed to Hamilton tomorrow that is if I can drag myself out of my nice cooooool basement. Enjoy the heat but take care and have a great night!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Limestone School Board mini tour

So on our way home we stopped in Tyendinaga for gas and as we cruised passed this store I had to snap a pic of their sign. Nice.

So we made our way to Verona for our first day and did a multimedia show and 2 workshops. It was super cool because the Principal got lunch for us. I am always fascinated by the different dynamics in schools we visit. It's almost like the whole building has an energy. Some are sooo laid back while others are just frenetic.

On the second day we were at Frontenac PS. This school is in an older building and even though that is cool and all because of the character, having the gym on the second floor really sucks for us. We have a lot of equipment that we have to haul up there. The Principal at this school got us Swiss Chalet for lunch so all was well. All the hauling worked it off. It was an interesting day, on one hand Adrian's Mom had a scare as the tornado sirens were going off in her city while on the other, the participation level from Teachers, the Principal and a Board Representative in our workshop was astounding.

As interested as we were in that we were very worried and once we heard all was well we could then appreciate how great our day went.

This mural was near the entrance to the gym. There was also a cool mural painted on the tarvia in the playground but I didn't have my camera when I went by.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the waterfront and I have to say, I wasn't impressed. I was however impressed with my Derek's feats of strength.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

David Bouchard

Yesterday we danced before the Author David Bouchard spoke at the Kitchener City Hall. The dance area was a tiny bit cramped but we did our best. I had to laugh because we chased David right out of his seat because we needed the dance space. David is a fantastic story teller. We were given signed books and I know the kids will cherish them.

I wanted to point out that www.goodminds.com is a great resource for books and other educational materials for First Nations culture. I took a quick tour of their facility today and wow was I impressed.

We were given the Council Chambers as a changeroom. Pretty swanky. The kids were thrilled to sit in the Mayor's chair. Well we assumed that was the Mayor's chair anyway. Ava thought it was the King's chair.

When I talked about our visit to Mary Johnston PS I forgot to mention that it was Teacher treat day. We couldn't have come on a better day. Look at that spread. A sugarholics dream!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Videos from Gathering of Nations Powwow

I love bird singing. I was happy that I was able to catch them.

Yup that's me in the orange dress. I had a BAH-LAST out there. I will be putting more videos up as time permits.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mary Johnston PS

I know that I say that each group of students is the best we have ever had but they are all so great it truly does seem to us that they get better and better. Today was no exception. The kids just seemed so eager to have a good time with us that even though I am coming down with a cold and Derek has allergies they perked us right up.

We were thrilled to see our dressing room today. It seemed like a palace to us. Look at all that space, and it's so clean and has mirrors AND a washroom. Yes, it truly is the little things that make me happy.

Today is Friday the 13th and we passed a large number of Bikers heading out to Port Dover for the festivities there. I have never been but maybe someday I will get the chance to see what all happens there. Have a great weekend everyone.

Mitchell HS

We went to a town just outside Stratford ON on Thursday. When we arrived we saw this picture above right outside of the main office. I immediately assumed it was Jim Morrison, Derek thought it was Jesus and Adrian thought that it was an actor. If Derek is correct then the flyer posted below it has quite the odd placement. If I'm correct then they pretty much go together. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

London Catholic District School Board Shows

This was a great day. We spent the morning at St. Theresa in London where we did 2 shows. We had a tiny bit of technical difficulty but luckily Adrian likes to talk so he was able to keep things moving along while I got us up and running again. In the afternoon we were in Delaware at Our Lady of Lourdes. Our contact brought us muffins and fruit which was just so appreciated. The combination of doing shows and this beautiful weather has me in such a great mood! Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Recent Dance Performances

Last Thursday we did a short but action packed performance at the Taste of Heaven event in Vaughn. The setting was gorgeous.

I can't get over how fast the boy is growing. Soon it will be time for a new outfit!

I love this picture, everyone looking so smiley :)

Today we were at John T Tuck in Burlington doing some workshops. We like to allow the students some time to ask questions and today we had a question that we have never before had. She asked us if we wash our feathers. The answer is yes, we do. We use baby shampoo and are very gentle. I never did get to ask her why she would ask that. hmmm interesting question.

Well we are off to Bolton tomorrow and I hope to start putting some video from my trip to Gathering of Nations powwow in Albuquerque on here tomorrow night.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smoke Dance Contest

We look forward to this fun contest each year. If you can make it out you should come check it out. This goes by real quick tho so get there early because once it starts it is over fast!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Student Equity Conference

Today we did workshops in two different places, first we were at St. Marguerite D'Youville in Brampton. This went really well because we were working with the grade 10 and 12 dance class students. They had tons of questions and I really enjoyed working with them.

We were also scheduled to do a workshop for the Student Equity Conference in Oakville. This turned into more of an impromptu performance because the space we had to work with didn't quite work out. All in all it was a fun day. We were given a piece of framed art at the conference as a thank you and it was done by one of the students. I absolutely love it and can't wait to hang it.

Gathering of Nations 2011

So my weekend in Albuquerque at the Gathering of Nations went by very quickly. I was so happy to see many old friends and to meet some new ones. On my flight from Atlanta to Denver I met a lady who was meeting her friend so that they could watch the Royal Wedding together. She was very sweet and tried to help me out because I had to run to catch my next flight. I hope she and her friend had a wonderful weekend.

About 10 years ago I heard Bird Singing for the first time and I have loved it ever since. This group pictured above is from the Pala Reservation in Southern California.

Adrian was the singer for the Miss Indian World smoke dance special. He also sang for the group of students from OM Smith school here at Six Nations that did performances at different Pueblos in New Mexico in the week leading up to the Gathering. On Saturday they performed out on Stage 49. I was completely annoyed because during their last song, the next band started doing their soundcheck! That is just the ultimate in rudeness if you ask me.

My friend Regina and I were wandering through the vendors tent and the comedy duo of James & Ernie were there as well. They were gracious enough to take pictures with people.

I left for home on Sunday but before I did I stopped by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre. There was a lot going on and I am so glad I went. I was able to check out a Zuni dance group that were fantastic. Above the ladies are doing a pottery dance. There are only 15 women left in their community that can still do that dance.

I truly enjoyed listening to the Speaker for their group. The men did a few animal dances and above is the Eagle Dance. I apologize for the clarity of these pictures but I had to take them on my phone as I didn't have room to bring my real camera.

After I went through the museum there was another group outside doing Apache Crown dancing. These guys are tough because they are shirtless and it was snowing. Oh and they dance through the fire too. Daaannnng.