Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Judith Nyman SS and Richmond Hill Montessori

We spent the day on Monday at Judith Nyman SS. We travelled home from Tennessee on Sunday and repacked the van and headed to the school first thing in the morning. We were all pretty tired but the students made the day worth it. They had a lot of interesting and new questions for us. I was pumped to find out that this was the high school that the comedian Russell Peters attended.

Now our contact at the the school, Ms Jackman really took care of us. When we were so tired looking at this lunch just made me smile. I hadn't really had too many chances to eat over the last few days so this was awesome.

Today we were at Richmond Hill Montessori School. We did our multimedia show for the grade 1 students. They were just so enthusiastic. Pretty close to all of them participated whenever they could. Super cute!!

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