Saturday, April 23, 2011

River Oaks PS

Thursday we did 2 workshops with the grade 3's at River Oaks PS. These critters actually made me belly laugh several times. When we were splitting them into groups Adrian asked them if they had group names and right off the bat the first crew yelled out "Awesome People" so they he asked the other group what their name was and someone blurts out "Firebreath"! Too funny.

When we got home we had this little package in the mail. It was the cutest booklet of notes and drawings from the students at St James Major School in Sharbot Lake. I got a little teary eyed reading through it.

I mean dang I look awesome in the drawing! How cool is that? I hope everyone has a happy Easter Holiday. See you all Tuesday.

USA Today article

Check out this cool article in USA today travel about top 10 powwows to attend. Make plans to hit one of these up and you'll have a great time!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

London Catholic District School Board

Today was very exciting because we debuted our new multimedia show. Monsignor Morrison was the host school and St Anne's and Assumption students were bused in. The energy was great and we had a blast.

In the afternoon we were at Sir Arthur Carty in London. The guys were warming up using the theatre warm ups that Cheri Maracle taught us. Our second show had some kind of mix up in communication and the other schools that were to be bused in weren't able to make it. This worked out well for the host school as they were able to bring in almost their whole school to watch instead of one grade.

We have lots of new and exciting things happening for us. We will very soon have a CD of music that we use in our show available for sale.

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Cool article about "Our Languages are Beautiful" art show at Woodland Cultural Centre.

Judith Nyman SS and Richmond Hill Montessori

We spent the day on Monday at Judith Nyman SS. We travelled home from Tennessee on Sunday and repacked the van and headed to the school first thing in the morning. We were all pretty tired but the students made the day worth it. They had a lot of interesting and new questions for us. I was pumped to find out that this was the high school that the comedian Russell Peters attended.

Now our contact at the the school, Ms Jackman really took care of us. When we were so tired looking at this lunch just made me smile. I hadn't really had too many chances to eat over the last few days so this was awesome.

Today we were at Richmond Hill Montessori School. We did our multimedia show for the grade 1 students. They were just so enthusiastic. Pretty close to all of them participated whenever they could. Super cute!!

Tennessee Powwow

The Eastern Tennessee All Nations Gathering took place last weekend. The organizers brought us down to demonstrate some Iroquois dancing as well as participate in the powwow. We had a great time and the drive down was beautiful. The route we took was all up the mountain, down the mountain, around the mountain and through the mountain. By the time we arrived I was totally ready to just be still for a few hours.

This was the first powwow in Morristown Tennessee and the turnout got progessively better as the weekend went on. There were severe storms and tornados all over the US so luckily this didn't affect us. It was however very windy all weekend so the girls and I went without feathers. I also switched and danced jingle at the powwow because my fancy cape kept blowing up and hitting me in the back of the head. I started to get a headache from this after a while.

I always like attending powwows in different areas of turtle island because I find all the differences cool. I had never danced to any of the drum groups in attendance before and it was interesting to hear different types of songs and see new types of dances. All in all I enjoyed the weekend and I know the kids loved getting to spend all that time together.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Woodman - Cainsville Wolves

Derek and I are once again taking a short break from Tribal Vision to work with students at Woodman Cainsville school. Derek attended that school as a youngster so he is having a blast being back there sharing his talents with the students and teachers. We look forward to heading down to Tennessee on Thursday to take part in a festival over the weekend. I'll take pictures because it's my first time actually being in the state other than driving through it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Wampum Shop

I just added a page about another Six Nations of the Grand River Territory Artist. His name is Ken Maracle and he makes rattles, drums, and replica wampum belts. You can view the page here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Royal Botanical Gardens

We had a fun day at Royal Botanical Gardens yesterday. We were performing as a part of the Wild Music series. Before the show I did a mini drum making workshop and then I hustled over to the show area and joined the performance in progress. I like the picture above because Jen and Kris actually look like butterflies in flight.

I had people of all ages taking part in the mini drum making workshop. Most of the participants got away before I could take a picture of their drums. Nicola and Kit weren't quick enough to get away from me and my camera. I just had to get in the picture. lol. I had a few tables of kids under 10 so it was so nice of Kit to jump in and help the little girls with their drums.

Lost Dancers show at Niagara College VIP Days

Niagara College VIP Day had Lost Dancers out to do 2 shows during their information day. There were other interesting things to see as well as walking tours and information about the College and courses. This was a fun day for the kids as they get to showcase their dancing. The Lost Dancers is about the kids and is a drop in practice session on Wednesday nights.

This VIP day had food, a musician and a really cool photo booth that most of the dancers took advantage of. All in all it was a really fun day.

PS yes, Jen is wearing my dress, I didn't suddenly acquire a gorgeous centre feather.