Tuesday, March 8, 2011

workshop with Grand River Rafting

So today was a blast. We worked with a group of grade 11 boys from a school in the GTA. They came out to spend the day on the Grand River. I could tell when we began that this was going to be fun. They had a great sense of humour and got right into playing the fun games with us.

When we were teaching them some basic dance steps they were really catching on quickly and making it their own. In all of these that we do with students there is at least one teacher who gets right into it as well and today was no exception. Sometimes I think the teacher's want to play more than the students do.

The picture above is a shot when we were announcing the winner of one of the contests. Yes, these kids really did like winning.

I love how all these people were there and not one of them told me that my plumes were crooked. lol.

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