Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Voices Workshops Burlington ON

Today we did some workshops for Teachers in Burlington. We had a blast! These guys all participated and got right into the spirit of what we were trying to share. We had arrived very early and so we went to check out the area. We came across a cool running store and I picked up some new insoles for my mocs. The are called Superfeet so I am hoping they will live up to their name. Because what we do is so high impact insoles are very important.

While we were checking out the area we came across a cute little park right on the lake. I had no idea that Canadian Geese were so productive. hmmm.

We were asked some interesting questions today. One stuck out in my mind. A person asked me how to approach teaching about Native culture without food and dance. I had never really thought about how people tend to delve into different cultures through these gateways. Food and dance are so important to all people really. And let's be honest, they are the most fun things to partake in. In all seriousness I told her that she should focus learning around the people that are indigenous to the area. Make it relevant to the students by focusing on what is important now, what issues are these people facing. If you want to promote cultural awareness and understanding then make the connections between history and the issues that are effecting us now. Knowing history is important but we are not museum pieces, we are real living and breathing people who have triumphs and setbacks.

I wanted to commend Sherry for taking one for her team and doing the solo. That was awesome!

We welcome your comments or suggestions. Drop us a line. Have a great weekend.

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