Thursday, March 3, 2011

Native Studies in Mississauga ON Show

This afternoon we were in Mississauga ON for a show and a workshop for a Native Studies program. We really appreciated the students that helped us bring in all our gear. The performance space was on the third floor and yay, there was an elevator.

During the workshop one of the students asked Adrian if he could use his drum. The guy belted out a song and had the rest of the room backing him up on a song. That was truly amazing. That made me feel so good. These students are not predominately Native so to see that and the respect they had for what we were doing made my heart happy.

There was one other thing I wanted to mention. During the dancing portion of the workshop, there were these guys that were mixing our dancing with c-walking and that looked pretty dang amazing. Pretty talented these students were. I think that dance is a great way to find common ground. I love it when people want to share with us a bit of their own culture through dance and today that's exactly what those fella's were doing.

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