Wednesday, March 16, 2011

McMaster University Elders Conference Workshop

The workshop today was in the Council Chambers. The portraits on the wall are beautiful. The students we worked with we had met before a couple of months ago. Well, not all of them but quite a few we met at Cathedral High School in Hamilton. When we went to their school we didn't really get to do the workshop because the fire alarm went off and we all had to go outside.

Today was the day that campus walking tours were taking place so parking was at a premium. We had to park the behemoth (our van) what felt like 10 miles from where the workshop was taking place. Once we were done and on our way back the sun was out and it was just beautiful. The walk back to the behemoth was gorgeous. We saw these cool imprints on our way.

Man oh man, they had these super fun looking climbing apparatuses heavily fenced in. It's a good thing too because we would have swarmed them.

We have tomorrow off so we will be taking Kristen to a soccer tournament and cheering her on. Then on Friday we will be heading to Niagara Falls to celebrate "Wesley's Camp Out". If you are in the Falls please come out and support this event. I have seen on twitter that he has put up the tents and started the camp out. Let's hope he has all good weather!

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