Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 2 & 3 in Eastern ON schools

The last two days that we spent in Eastern Ontario doing school shows were a lot of fun. We went to 5 different schools over the three days. Our show on Thursday in at Tyendinaga PS went very well. We found a gas station on the reserve which was awesome. When you have to fill a 15 passenger van you take any price breaks you can find.

Ok so we call Adrian the logistics manager. He has a GPS that he brings along to get us where we need to be. When we were trying to get from Sharbot Lake to Trenton for the next show with barely enough time to begin with, we turned to the trusty device to find our way. THIS is the single track dirt lane that it sent us on! Dang thing should have been one way it was so narrow. Adrian was soooo carsick because it was so bumpy and windy.

We met the children of one of our contacts at our show in Sharbot Lake. This is Seamus and Keegan.

So the view from our room in Sharbot lake was beautiful. The lake was still partially frozen and yet there were some ducks out there swimming away. The restaurant was fantastic, the food was amazing. I found it pretty cool that the whole place was heated by a wood burning boiler that was out in the parking lot. Pretty cool.

At our last show in Trenton on Friday afternoon at St. Peter's School, we met some really awesome kids. They were so enthusiastic that it just made our trip so great. When you get to do something that you really love you can't call it work but when it is appreciated like that it just truly makes your day. Those students were so much fun!

When ever I see goats it just makes me smile. We saw these little cuties across the road from the gas station in Tyendinaga.

It was an interesting few days going from shows with lights and a stage to shows on gymnasium floors. That truly keeps things interesting to say the least.

We saw a HUGE deer on the teeny tiny road out of Sharbot Lake yesterday but I couldn't get the camera fast enough. This picture will have to do.

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