Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alternative Learning - Waterloo ON Show

You have got to admire students who can improvise a basketball net. The gym we were in this morning was fairly spacious but was without any nets. This did not deter these guys. LOVE IT! this totally reminded me of that "heritage moment" commercial about the dude that invented the game. Yes, there is a hole cut in the bottom of the trash can.

We met the Principal of the Alternative Learning Centre and this truly is a small world because we were both friends with the same family from my reserve. It's not like Waterloo is a world away but I still find it interesting when things like that happen.

The gym was fairly spacious but the store room is a bit tiny. We end up using gym store rooms as change rooms during our shows because we have to make a lot of quick changes and we need to be close to the performance space. This particular facility didn't have change rooms at all so we made due. We have actually been in smaller spaces if you can believe that.

The energy of the students was great. You just never know with older (high school) students first thing in the morning. They had great participation and some really interesting questions. I really enjoyed performing for them today.

Nia:wen kowa to Nikki for the donuts and coffee this morning. That was so nice. When we had to rush off to our second show she made sure we had pizza to take with us. That was so awesome because we truly didn't have time to make any stops on our way to Mississauga.

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