Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Algoma Limestone school district shows

Yes, that was the view on the drive to Belleville this morning. Wow, this was an intense drive. We left Brantford at 3:30 am to make what should be a 3.5hr drive to our first performance. This stretched into a 6 hr + journey. I am a pretty easy going person, it takes a lot to make me want to tap out but daaannngg..... It would have been worse to go back then to keep trudging on so that's exactly what we did. We trudged. My stress levels were through the roof at times because the ice would build up on the wipers and I couldn't see. We stopped literally in the road to bang the ice off the wind shield. At times Derek would roll down the window and bang the scraper on the wipers as we were driving because we were on the 403 and couldn't stop. This worked for a while until he broke the wiper. We had to pull off and luckily the first gas station sold wipers that fit the behemoth! Yay us! So this only put us back 10 minutes while we were over 2 hours behind already.

I will apologize once again to the staff and students at Bayside SS for being so late, we really did try our very hardest to make it. We only had time to improvise a demonstration type show for 30 minutes instead of our 60 minute mulitmedia show that they had booked. We are so proud of our show that it breaks our hearts to have to give people anything less.

After our second show and our first meal of the day at like 4 in the afternoon we finally go to our hotel for the night. What is the first thing that the guys do? Why pull out the laptops of course. You gotta love free wifi! lol.

I hope everyone back home is dealing well with the last winter blast. Please be safe, drive carefully. We are off to Shannonville tomorrow. Can you believe I have never been to Tyendinaga before? I am super stoked for this...

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