Friday, February 25, 2011

King Edward School Toronto ON

Today we were all together again and at King Edward School in Toronto. It was a little worrisome this morning around 6 am as it was wicked snowing. We had to take it slow and steady and hope it wasn't a snow day in Toronto. As it turned out the weather was fairly clear in the city. It may be hard to tell but the guys are NOT doing the YMCA dance they are actually making a T V for Tribal Vision. Yes, we try to take the mundane out of loading the van.

This school has the best Custodian. I wish I got her name I believe it was Anna but I'm not positive. She was great. I keep mentioning that it's the little things, well she was just so helpful with the parking of our behemoth of a van. You could just tell that she took pride in her school. All the staff that we met were just fantastic. So easy going and genuinely nice.

I am always so impressed with how well the students sing and dance but today we had the best singers and dancers yet. Wow and I mean Wow talented.

I always enjoy working in big cities because I am a people watcher. Take the lady above for instance. Those have got to be the coolest boots that I have seen in a long time. The way she was walking made me think she was suffering for her fashion.

And these two. Absolutely adorable dog. And again cool boots. There is a theme here I think.

I have yet to find out why there is a giant canoe that you can see from the Gardiner but it looks pretty sweet.

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