Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Human Rights Assembly - WCI

It is Human Rights Week at Waterloo Colliegate Institute in Waterloo ON. Today we were very honoured to be a part of the kick off assembly as this week is going to have an Aboriginal Focus at the school. I know I have mentioned in the past that it is the little things that make our day, well this morning when we arrived at the school there were people at the door to greet us and take us straight to our dressing room. That may not sound like much but you have no idea the amount of time we often spend trying to find someone at our performance venue that knows anything about what we are doing there.

Once in the change room we were delighted to find Tim Horton's coffee, donuts, croissants and water. Fantastic start to our early day.

The sign above was posted in the wings of the stage and really made me giggle. Having a Brother who is very involved with lighting for Theatre, Live Music, etc etc, I can truly relate to a Lighting Technician's frustration with people who don't realize that it is a definite skill setting lights to make you look good.

The Assembly was a lot of fun although there was something strange that was happening. Through out our performance there were these fluorescent house lights that are suspended from the ceiling that were swinging back and forth squeaking away. The crew was telling us that they had never seen that before. I couldn't decide if that meant the place was haunted, there was another earthquake or we had just put on too many holiday pounds. lol.

The Keynote speaker today was Myeenghun Henry. It was nice having a chance to visit with him before the assembly. He is co-ordinating the 1st annual powwow at Connestoga College this February 26. It should be fun so come on out and check it out if you are in the KW area.

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