Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dance And Singing Workshops For Schools

Singing and Dancing workshops are really becoming such a great team building exercise. Teachers and Students are loving all aspects of them. Teachers get to see their students being creative while participating and cooperating with other students. Enjoying the Arts is such a great learning experience, being able to do this in such a way that is fun for all students is our secret. Dismissing stereotypes and answering age old Questions are another way of making this educational and fun. Not wanting to give all our secrets away, I would say that teachers and students maybe skeptical at first but after 5-10 min. they are all about it and by the end we know students are singing and dancing down the halls! Because before we leave the school a couple teachers have told us and i've heard students! To enjoy these Workshops book early! We are at Baden P.S in Kitchener all week! These students are very lucky to have such great teachers at their school! GO BULLDOG'S!! HOKA HEYAAA!!

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