Thursday, January 13, 2011

School Shows And Workshops!

Tribal Vision Dance has been doing School shows and Dance/Singing workshops for a while now. We really like how the kids are responding to them! Like all relationships it takes about 5 min, for their initial impression to see whether or not, they're going to like it. Since our group consists of all family and all of us have children, we are used to working with any age students! We like by the end of the workshop they are giving us high fives and Teachers are telling us they are hearing the students walking down the hall singing. Teachers really like how the show and workshops flow and keep the students engaged, all the while the students are learning. The team building part of our workshop, you can see the leadership and the creativity start working! Students really like to take what they have learned and show it off. Students learning to celebrate their difference, we believe will make a lasting impression. As for the Multimedia show right off the start we dismiss some stereotypes about Native American people. Which I think puts some students at ease. Our Multimedia Show is informative it has just the right mix of entertainment plus interaction with audience and adding the visual component completes the Show! Our show is an hour long and we have students from kindergarten to High school age and older enjoying and engaged. This makes us feel we are on the right track. A lot of the time audiences will be into the show so much, the rhythm of the drum has them clapping along, or encouraging us on by cheering. We cover a lot of different elements in the show, I think that's what makes the hour go by so fast! Well thanks for listening to our thoughts and if you get a chance or if you've seen the show please leave us a comment or what we would really would like is send us some candid pics of a performance or workshop that you have! We will continually strive to make the show and workshops better! Because if you stand still long enough you will realize your actually moving backwards.

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