Friday, January 7, 2011

Barondale PS

I must start this post by saying "I love my job"! We had a great time once again. We worked with the grade 3 students. I liked this sign they had up on the wall in the gym. I also liked that these students were really good at working together. When we broke them up into groups they didn't need much adult help at all. They just did their own thing and that was great.

Derek wore his Christmas present for the first time. It looks great and we only have to make him a harness to complete the set.

I have been working on a harness for Luke for a few weeks now and I am not finished yet, hopefully one more week and I will be all done. This is the work in progress.

My hairties that I made for my outfit are really for someone with way more hair than I have. Soooo I had to make new ones for my teeny tiny braids. They are now finished and I will be able to start using them next week. Yay me!

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