Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hamilton Music Awards

So at 4 pm this afternoon I get a phone call asking if we can come and perform at the Hamilton Music Awards. So I shut off the sewing machine and we hopped in the car and dashed down to the venue. We rushed and and got changed to dance at 6. Phew we made it. We were on loan to the Ohnia:kara Singers. This was the first time I had my picture taken on a red carpet type thingy before. Pretty kewl I must say. The atmosphere was pretty cool and I wish we were able to hang around because the lounge area seemed like a fun spot to schmooooze. lol.

Well this will be two awards shows in less than a week for Derek as he is performing as part of the Aboriginal Music Awards on Friday. Well that was a nice break but I have to get back to sewing as I have lost a few hours. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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