Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Forest Trail

Another great day! Forest Trail is a fairly new school and woooooo do I like dancing on those floors. Very nice. Not too slippery, just enough give, very spacious gymnasium. We even had a parking spot right outside the front door. We had a group of approximately 100 grade 3 students and they were very musical. I had an embarrassing moment during hoop dance. Wait, I have gotten ahead of myself. Just as we were about to start the last dance (hoop) the announcements started so we had a 5 minute intermission. So my flow was a bit thrown off (tee hee) and when I started to dance I drop a hoop, well it flew off my hand actually and I had to run after it. This has never happened to me and I was a bit mortified. Oh well, these things happen I guess.

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