Monday, November 22, 2010

Cathedral High School

We performed at our first High School today. It went well even with a couple of glitches. We had a minor technical difficulty with the sound but luckily Adrian was able to sing live and fix it. The acoustics in the gym made using microphones awkward. The guys found it better to go with out as the echos didn't sound good.

We went right into the workshop as soon as the performance was finished and we had just gotten into a groove when the fire alarm went off. This has never happened to me before and at first I wasn't sure if we really had to leave or not. Well we did and that seriously cut into our workshop time. I never did find out if everything was ok but they did let us back into the school to finish.

We are off to Oakville tomorrow. If anyone knows what happened at the school leave me a comment because I am curious.

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