Monday, September 6, 2010

McMaster University Student Expo

I love this picture. I was trying to get a good picture of L dancing but not be real visible myself, instead I got this great image of A looking all intense waiting for her turn to dance again. When she was announced the students were yelling out "Your so cute" and stuff like that to her. It was awesome.

The atmosphere at this event was pretty cool. It makes me miss college. Everyone seemed so positive and you could totally sense the anticipation for what the new year will bring.

Again we didn't know what to expect because we were sandwiched between two pretty decent rock bands on the schedule. I had no idea how the students were going to react to us. Were we ever happy when more and more kept wandering over to check us out. One more thing I must mention, the parking was great. For people like us, it's the little things like parking and decent change areas that make our day and we had great accommodations so a big nia:wen to the organizers.

We are dancing with a different group today. A good friend of ours has her own group and asked us to dance for her so we will be in Guelph this afternoon. I hope you are enjoying Labour day!

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