Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pan Am Games Logo Launch

Today was very exciting for us. We were performing at the logo launch for the 2015 Pan Am Games. The atmosphere was so fun and high energy. You couldn't have asked for a better day for it. We were stationed right beside the wheelchair basketball players and I sooo wanted to play but we had our own thing to do.

The group was very excited to see Karl Wolf at the event. He was a guest performer with a rapper who took the stage during the opening. I think every female at the event was clamouring for his autograph. lol.

I was super pumped to see Simon Whitfield speaking at the event. I had Kris keeps her eyes on him and race over to him to get a picture before he had to leave. He was so nice to the kids spending time talking with them and Derek. I was impressed by how genuine he was.

I think I mentioned that this was a high energy event and these two groups had a lot to do with that. A steel drum band as well as a samba squad kept the people moving.

Jen asked Karl if he would join us in a round dance and he did. He took the time to speak with all his fans and take pictures and sign autographs for all of them. I was happy to see that, mind you that cut off the end of our dancing as he was mobbed by fans after dancing with us and we had to wait until they cleared out to finish up.

The song they did about following your dreams was pretty cool. Just the right sentiment for the launch event.

The Judo team next to us was inviting people to try some moves with them. That was pretty exciting. Once again something I wasn't able to time.

Jake had a good time today. He wanted to dance every song.

Derek was totally impressed by the warm up of this group. They were Extreme Martial arts and they were so exciting. They were so agile and they tore it up!

And to the lady in the red jacket, thanks for the support it is much appreciated!

Monday, September 27, 2010

McMaster University Welcoming mini Powwow

It was a great day for the McMaster Mini Powwow. We enjoyed ourselves dancing for the people.

They had a catered lunch which was fantastic. I'm not sure who the caterer was but dang the strawberry juice was more like a thick soup. It was still yummy but you just had to add water.

The spectators weren't all that into taking part but by the end we had a lot of people up and moving. All in all it was a fun day.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Soboba Powwow

I had a great time contesting. Had a bit of a hard time with the dry air but the caliber of drums and dancers there was so high I just enjoyed being a part of it.

This was at the end of the powwow on Sunday. What a beautiful sight. This was the victory dance for the winners. It was great to see L and K out there for that.

Before we even went to the hotel when we arrived in California we had to see the ocean. Here we are at Newport Beach. The seaweed was funky.

Some of the most random things all at the same place. wierd.

It was pretty hot to us, even under the canopy.

Seeing the sights in Hollywood. In all the times I have been to Hollywood I have never been able to get a good shot of the Hollywood sign. The streak continues.

Grand Entries at this powwow had such high energy. loved it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It was a sad day yesterday because Shane's place was broken into and his mac book pro and external hard drives were stolen. You may remember a couple of months back he was having problems with the external hard drives but he ended up getting all the information restored. Now the whole things are gone! This is a big blow to not only him but us as he was working on our new multimedia presentation. He also had years of video footage of the elders in our community telling stories in the language to save for future generations. Just so much stuff was lost yesterday... stuff that can't be replaced. :(

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Six Nations Fall Fair Powwow

A was jamming out! She danced great, made up some new moves, super cute. The powwow was small and relaxed, only a few hours each day. It seemed to me that the fair was much smaller than what I remember as a kid. I guess it's just a sign of the times. I never did get a candy apple though. It's not a fair without a candy apple. lol.

Yes, we participated in our first switch dance together. Derek had a lot of admirers and I think he might have even gotten a phone number. kidding. J won it wearing his sisters outfit. We all had a fantastic time. We are now preparing to head to California for Soboba Powwow next weekend. I am pretty excited right now. We are soooo going shopping in the fabric district of LA.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Indigenous Health Conference Show

This was at the Crown Plaza in Niagara Falls and it was fun. The crowd actually grew in size as the show went on and that is the best. I like when we get a chance to do these shows with the whole group because the smoke dance portion is really fun. We all try to out dance each other and it's like there is no audience because we are so focused on each other. lol.

We will be going to the Six Nations Fall Fair powwow this weekend and the big decision now is whether to dance fancy or smoke. I have until tomorrow to decide. Good luck to Jen, Adrian and the boy who are off to Akwesasne powwow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

University of Guelph

We were on loan to Gadaihongwas dance group yesterday at the University of Guelph. The weather didn't cooperate so the organizers had to scramble to find an inside venue for us to dance. I was happy they were able to but for one small problem...

The floor was incredibly slippery and down went the champ... He felt so bad because he thought he wrecked the show but he jumped right back up and kept dancing like nothing had happened.

I was pretty worried that I was going down myself but I kept it together by not doing a lot of footwork, I worked my shawl instead. (sneaky sneaky I know).

We will be back to our regular Tribal Vision show tomorrow evening at an Aboriginal Health Conference in Niagara Falls. We are looking forward to it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

McMaster University Student Expo

I love this picture. I was trying to get a good picture of L dancing but not be real visible myself, instead I got this great image of A looking all intense waiting for her turn to dance again. When she was announced the students were yelling out "Your so cute" and stuff like that to her. It was awesome.

The atmosphere at this event was pretty cool. It makes me miss college. Everyone seemed so positive and you could totally sense the anticipation for what the new year will bring.

Again we didn't know what to expect because we were sandwiched between two pretty decent rock bands on the schedule. I had no idea how the students were going to react to us. Were we ever happy when more and more kept wandering over to check us out. One more thing I must mention, the parking was great. For people like us, it's the little things like parking and decent change areas that make our day and we had great accommodations so a big nia:wen to the organizers.

We are dancing with a different group today. A good friend of ours has her own group and asked us to dance for her so we will be in Guelph this afternoon. I hope you are enjoying Labour day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New smoke dance video shoot

In our school shows we do a multimedia presentation and we needed some new footage of smoke dancing. The kids were up for it so we filmed them and now Shane is in the process of editing it for us. L got to go to a football game so he missed out on the action.

We are looking forward to the upcoming school year and getting out there and seeing people. We will be appearing next at the Mac Expo on Sunday. If your a student there pop in and say hi!