Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This weeks performances

We performed at our second wedding on the weekend. The reception area was very nice and we got to introduce the new couple. That part was really cool. We were a surprise to the guests and at first you can tell they were not knowing what to expect. I truly hope they enjoyed our dancing.

So technology struck and almost caused a disaster today. I had been asked to come and do a workshop at a boys and girls club. Well when I made the arrangements months ago I put the information into my calendar on my phone. Well a while after that I had decided to get with the times and synch the calendars on my computer with my phone. Apparently the appointments that I put solely on the phone were replaced by stuff made on the computer. So today I had this nagging feeling I was supposed to be somewhere ... I get a call asking me where I am .... new arrangements for a later start time are made and presto change-o the workshop happened. Pheewww. I felt just awful. The kids were great and I had fun with them today.

We will appearing this weekend at Diversity Day in Milton. Come on out and see us. Oh if you need incentive to come out there will also be a Ribfest happening! yum!

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