Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Milton Diversity Day

We had a very very busy weekend. K had her soccer finals and they played early saturday morning. They won the game and advanced to Sunday. After that we did a performance at the Milton Diversity Day Festival. This was pretty fun and a beautiful day for it. There was also a Ribfest happening at the park with a stage and performances as well. The stage we danced on was pretty standard however it was pretty slippery with the moccasins so we did about half of the show on the grass in front of it.

Derek and the kids are all turtle clan and it was pretty cool to see a large tortoise just wandering around the festival. We just had to have a picture with it.

A was pretty brave to hold that critter. Well until it tried to crawl up her arm. lol. School is just around the corner and summer is almost gone. I hope everyone soaks up the sun on this last week of freedom.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This weeks performances

We performed at our second wedding on the weekend. The reception area was very nice and we got to introduce the new couple. That part was really cool. We were a surprise to the guests and at first you can tell they were not knowing what to expect. I truly hope they enjoyed our dancing.

So technology struck and almost caused a disaster today. I had been asked to come and do a workshop at a boys and girls club. Well when I made the arrangements months ago I put the information into my calendar on my phone. Well a while after that I had decided to get with the times and synch the calendars on my computer with my phone. Apparently the appointments that I put solely on the phone were replaced by stuff made on the computer. So today I had this nagging feeling I was supposed to be somewhere ... I get a call asking me where I am .... new arrangements for a later start time are made and presto change-o the workshop happened. Pheewww. I felt just awful. The kids were great and I had fun with them today.

We will appearing this weekend at Diversity Day in Milton. Come on out and see us. Oh if you need incentive to come out there will also be a Ribfest happening! yum!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Harbor Springs MI

I haven't been posting lately as my grandfather had passed away and frankly I just haven't much felt like it. I am so happy to be a part of the family that I am because I love them very much. My Grandpa was known for growing flowers and in particular gladiolas. Derek and I went to Harbor Springs powwow and they were the first thing I saw when I came out of the hotel on Sunday morning. I couldn't help but smile and tear up a bit.

We had a pretty good time at this powwow and I was pretty impressed with everyone that could dance on that ground and not have sore feet. I must be a total wimp because I couldn't take it. lol. I was really looking forward to dancing the intertribals but I just couldn't do it. Oh well next time.

We are going to be performing at a wedding on Saturday and we are truly honoured to be asked to be a part of such a special day.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wikwemikong powwow

This year we chose to go to Wiki powwow a couple of days early so that we could do some sight seeing on Manitoulin Island. Last year we had missed the Ferry so we were all really looking forward to taking it this year. We arrived early and watched the ferry arrive from the Island to load up.

It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed sitting on deck and feeling the wind in our hair. Some of us got a bit queasy inside so I'm glad it was such a nice day that we could be on deck.

We spent some time at Providence Bay beach and it was gorgeous. Sandy beaches and nice boardwalk. I think you can tell what the water felt like. It looked so inviting...

We tried something new and went horeseback riding. It was the first time for everyone except me. It's funny how you seem to end up with a horse that matches your personality. J's kept wandering off and eating. lol.

I didn't get many photos at the powwow itself because the grounds were so dusty that I didn't want to have problems with the camera because of it. Here is K in the Jr Girls fancy shawl special honouring Francesca Pheasant. K took 2nd Place!!

This was a great trip and Wiki really showed us the love as we all placed in our respective categories. I am so proud of Derek for his win. If I can manage it I will put video up. I was happy to be able to visit with some old friends and it was pretty cool to run into a lady that works for the city of Markham who had us come and perform there a couple of times. They just happened to be camping on the Island during the powwow and sometimes it really seems it's a small world.