Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oneida Wisconsin

There's Derek with his game face on. Ready to contest. He took 4th there and I was very proud of him. Looking at this picture I can see so many more bits of beadwork that I want to add to his outfit.

J was jamming so hard in the smoke contest. I was happy that you could enter both smoke and the regular contest categories. This boy seriously needs an upgrade on his outfit. When I made this he wasn't all that interested in dancing smoke but now he wants to get out there all the time. He cracks me up because he is not at all afraid to try new things and just have a blast when he dances.

K did a great job in her contest. I showed her how to get around dancers that were slower. On saturday she was next to a girl who was close to a foot taller than her and she just couldn't get past her. Sunday's contest went so much better. She ended up taking 4th in fancy and 2nd in smoke.

As cool as it was to drive through Chicago and see the sights I hope I don't ever have to do that again. lol. The traffic there is just awful.

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