Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19

My Feathers are ready to be worn at a moments notice. No I really do take good care of them and put them away when I finish dancing but in this photo we were traveling from one show to another and all we had time to do was take the feathers off so they wouldn't get smooshed in the van and put them back on when we arrived at the next location.

We had a busy Saturday with our final workshop at WCC. Thanks to L for being able to come with me that day so Derek could go to the track meet with the younger kids.

We also had a performance at our first wedding that evening. The wedding party looked beautiful and I wish we had pictures to share with you. We did a two step and had the wedding party danced with us and it was really fun and they all seemed to enjoy it. It was cool for Derek to run into two people he knew from way back. It really is a small world.

We are really looking forward to Grand River Powwow this weekend at Chiefswood Park in Ohsweken ON. Come on out and check it out because it really is a great spectator friendly event. The question now is will I have all of our moccasins fixed or not? Will you be seeing glimpses of Martin toes? lol I sure hope not!

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