Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coming of Age Ceremony

Today we performed at the coming of age ceremony of Markham City Councillor Logan Kanapathi's daughter. We were very honoured to take part in something like this. Wow these people sure know how to have a party. Everyone looked so beautiful. I know it's rude to stare but I just couldn't help myself the clothes were just so incredible.

K has all new beadwork. It is so well done I think it will last her a very long time. She looks great in it. She's already outgrowing her new dresses. uh oh, more sewing on the horizon.

Poor J. His last ounce of patience was tested today. We weren't sure exactly when we were to dance so we had to be dressed and waiting in a tiny little room for about 2 hours. You just can't rush these things but that is hard for an 11 yr old boy to understand. He danced great when he was finally unleashed. lol. We did get in quite a few rounds of charades and he was kicking butt at it.

We have been doing quite a few dance workshops lately and they are so much fun. The framework we follow is similar each time but we have never had two workshops turn out the same. We did our first of two for the Woodland Cultural Centre on Saturday morning and it was a blast. We also did our second of four performances at the Centre on Wednesday. The Tim Horton's camp at Onondaga Farms came out to watch and were they ever a great audience. The bus they travel in is pretty fancy schmancy I must say.

We were also at the launch of the city of Markham's Diversity Plan. That was fun. We met a group of Lion dancers as well as a flamenco dancer. I was bummed because I forgot my camera at home that day. Many many Nia:wens to Kim, Katelyn, Maddie and AJ for coming along and dancing with us that day. You girls are fantastic dancers.

Come and see us at the Woodland Centre on the next two Wednesdays for performances or on Saturday for a dance workshop.

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