Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Canada Day 2010

We had a great Canada Day. We performed at the Dundas Pancake Breakfast at 10 am and mmmmm were those some good pancakes. The audience was very receptive to getting in there and dancing with us when we had participation dances. That just makes everything so much more enjoyable for us when we know people are having a good time. After that we had to stay dressed in our dance clothes and head off to Downsview park for three more shows.

All of the pictures are actually from the Downsview park shows. Things were a bit confusing when we arrived but in the end it all worked out. We were given a map with a space that had "Tribal Vision" marked on it but it was actually just a patch of grass where the organizers wanted us to be. Well it was such a warm day that people kind of took over that patch of grass because it was cooler there. So we ended up performing on the stage area set up for the aerial circus performers.

I am not sure if you can tell from these pictures or not but there is a fence surrounding the stage so audience participation was out of the question and we did kind of feel a bit like zoo animals.

They had an empty warehouse for us to use as a change/green room. That was perfect for the kids because they could run around all they wanted in between performances. I couldn't believe the amount of people that were at this event. The kids all wanted to go on the rides but the lines were just too long.

Yes, this is how we teach the kids to sing and dance. There are no singing lessons or dance schools for us. The children learn by doing. It is rare in our culture for us not to bring the kids along to whatever we are doing. They are important members of our society and it would be very strange to not have them involved.

I had just recieved my fan back from a fan maker located in Windsor ON. I think he did such a fantastic job on the thread work. I was a bit nervous using it at Downsview because it was so windy that I was scared I would break a feather.

The boys really did their thing when it was time for the fancy dancers to get out there. These two are great dancers and I just love to watch them dance.

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