Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Solidarity Day

So I have this great new camera that I am very happy with but apparently I need to charge the batteries... so I only have this one picture of J dancing at Chiefswood park for Solidarity Day. Darn. It was a beautiful day and I could have taken some really great pictures. I was just happy we were ready to go on time. We had arrived at the park and realized we left J's bustles at home. I rushed over to Frank the sound guy and asked him if we could get bumped back at all and luckily that worked out perfectly. I hurried back to the van and hustled everyone back into the van to zoom home and pick up the bustles. All in all it worked out great.

We were changing to head home but we had to take a moment to check out one of Derek's favourite local bands "Mainline". They did some really great original songs.

Yesterday we were at George Kennedy in Georgetown for Multicultural Day. We did 4 workshops and 2 short dance shows. We were all running a workshop in different places and we barely saw each other all day. My groups were great although we had to work in the library so we were a little cramped. I had a volunteer with the school board with me all day and I was very grateful, she helped me with keeping order as well as working the CD player. I am notoriously bad with electronics. The day went well and they had Janace Henry cater the lunch which was a very pleasant surprise. Her tacos were so good.

Today we were at W F Hewitt in Windham Centre. Wow was that gym ever warm and muggy. I was so happy the kids didn't melt down during the show or the workshop. Those kids were fantastic. I think if I had to sit there for an hour I would have keeled over and fell asleep. I always pass out in the heat and take loooonng naps. lol.

Well we are looking forward to Sarnia powwow this weekend as well as the Canada Day festivities next week. We will be in Ancaster for the Dundas Rotary Pancake Breakfast at 9:45 am and then on to Downsview Park for 1:30, 2:30 and 4:30. We are planning something pretty special for the 4:30 performance so if you can make it you should come!

Ps. Did you feel the earth quake today?

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