Monday, June 21, 2010

Mississauga Waterfront Festival

It was a beautiful day to be performing you couldn't ask for better weather. The fact that the stage was covered saved us from frizzle frying in the baking sun. We were chased out of the tiny changing tent by another group which was going on after us so we did feel a bit like bacon in between our sets. All Smoothtown singers came along and sang for us and they were awesome. I love performing to a live drum it is sooo much better than to a cd.

No Derek is not drop kicking his son. They are both taking part in a demonstration of the smoke dance where we allowed the audience to come on stage and try it with us. I love this picture, I think I may print it out myself.

Just so you know, this was not the group that chased us out of the change tent. I didn't really get a chance to speak with them and I didn't get their name but they were great. I really enjoyed them. They really got the crowd in a party mood.

K got to meet Oprah, and answer some trivia/jokes about farm animals. That was really cute. All in all it was a great festival and I am really glad we were a small part of it.

On another note, just watched portugal whoop up on Korea 7-0.

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