Monday, May 10, 2010

Milton Craft Workshop

I did a craft workshop today with High school students in the Milton area. It went by very quickly and we didn't have enough time to paint our drums. The participants had just enough time to complete their drums and drum sticks. I felt a little unprepared when I arrived though because I had brought enough materials for 15 drums because I thought there were going to be 10 students. I was surprised to find that there were actually 16 students when I got there. Of course my stomach went into knots because I didn't have enough. No problem I thought, I will just not have a demonstration model and I will have to use one of the kids drums to demonstrate with and give away mine to the last kid. Well in the end it all worked out. I just wish we had a bit more time to paint them. The kids all did a great job. The pictured mini drum was done by one of the girls in the class. She did a great job didn't she?

We have a show scheduled for this sunday at the Honouring Mother Earth Arts & Culture festival and powwow in Niagara Falls. This should be fun, I am looking forward to it. I have to finish up now and get to work on some moccassins for the boys.

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