Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heritage Fair show

We did a short Dance Performance at the Dunnville Christian School yesterday for their Heritage Fair. Well it was more of a demonstration of several dances than a show. It went really well and we had a good time. There was a student participant of the fair who did her project on Aboriginal Culture. This girl had Indian cookies and strawberry juice at her booth and if I was a judge that would have made her the winner in my book. I love Indian cookies. One of the kids asked me once a couple of years ago why they are called Indian cookies, what was in them that made them different? You know, I don't know the ingredients are pretty standard to other cookies as well so I guess it's because Indian people make them. lol. Now I understand you are probably right this second asking yourself "did she just call Native Canadians, Indians?" Well yes I did. I have never been the most politically correct person around and to be honest with you I don't find the term "Indian" offensive. If others do I respect that and I try to keep in mind that words do have power.

I don't really read magazines anymore as I have become more of a blog reader and one of my pet peeves is a blog with either blurry photos or worse yet no photos at all. So I am going to save my pennies and buy a better camera because I am not enjoying the quality of photos I am taking anymore.

We had a bit of a problem on our return from The Gathering of Nations powwow so we had to postpone two dance workshops that were to be done at a high school on Monday. We will be doing them on Friday so I have a couple of days to prepare for that. I will need the time because I have come down with a wicked cold and I hope I am better able to perform by friday. I am looking forward to this because I really enjoy doing dance workshops, It's so fun to watch the participants getting to be creative.

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