Friday, April 9, 2010

Dance Show with Lost Dancers

We did a show with Lost Dancers last night at the Tim Horton's Onondaga Farm. There is a group of students from Santa Fe, New Mexico visiting with the students at Kawenni:io high school so we went out there to do some dancing with/for them. It was fun, had some food and got a chance to visit and dance around. Always good times. There was a young girl with the group who had her outfit with her so she danced with us. I recognized her shawl from pix I had seen on I LOVE that shawl and just had to tell her so I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm crazy but I can appreciate the work that goes into making a shawl and have to give props where they are due.

Neither Derek or I had a chance to fix his belt since our show on Tuesday. So he danced smoke instead of fancy at the native dance show last night. On Tuesday at Cedarland he had a wardrobe malfunction and couldn't get his belt undone and had to rip the ties apart to get changed (he became THE MACHINE). I was able to get his moccasins all repaired in time for the show however so he didn't have to dance in his socks (just kidding). He has only had those moccasins for about a year but he has managed to blow a few holes in them already and had a few strands of beads missing which I was able to repair. One week left to prepare for our trip to the Gathering of Nations Powwow. I am so excited but I have so much to get done. We leave on the 17th so wish me luck in getting everything done.

Things are really picking up for our show and powwow schedule for the summer so it will be busy busy. These are very exciting times for us. We are so blessed and grateful.

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