Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cedarland Showcase

The view from backstage at the cedarland show this morning. It went so well, I can relax now for a day then I will start stressing about our next showcase which will be April 15 at the Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford ON. Please come out and see it if you can, it's free and there will be food. We talked about it and have decided to tweak it a bit more and we feel we are getting ever closer to a show that has great flow. It felt really good today. Jen & Adrian did a great job and we were so happy to have them along, they add so much to the show. Thanks to Shane as well for doing all the technical work behind the scenes as well as all the filming and editing he did for the multimedia portion of the show.

Our summer schedule is starting to fill in with our native dance shows so that is our incentive to get everything in order and running exactly how we want it to. The time to leave for the Gathering of Nations Powwow is coming up very quickly. I have to do a lot of work on our outfits so I hope to get all the sewing done at least before we go and I can finish up the beading while we are there. We are going down a week early to do all the touristy stuff before the powwow.

I am still trying to decide if we are going to Ann Arbor powwow this weekend or to the smoke dance contest at cornell university. They both sound like fun so we'll see...

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  1. Wish you would have come to Cornell! Would have loved to see everyone! I'll expect you to make it next year. Miss you! Lori