Monday, March 8, 2010

York University Powwow

So as you can see I was able to get Derek's outfit 90% finished. Finished enough that he can dance in it. I was so happy to see him dance, it was a great day. We need to get the medallions for the arm bustles finished...well started actually. We need his back boards and medallions for the bustles centres as well. I have a few other accessory pieces to make when I figure out what I'm exactly going to do. The design of an outfit is the hardest for me and that is what generally holds up the process. Once I have a plan I can churn it out pretty quickly.

I have video from the last two powwows that I would like to post on here but I can't find my dang cord to connect my camera to the 'puter. Once I find it I will put it up.

I have a huge list of things that need to get made and I'm plugging away at them, I just feel so happy when I see my family wearing the stuff I have made for them. Well I better get back to work, it will be hard today though because it is such a beautiful day I really don't want to be inside! Maybe I will take the dog for a looooong walk first.....

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