Sunday, March 21, 2010

UWO powwow

Soooo the plans to go to Mt Pleasant fell through but we were still able to get to a traditional powwow at UWO in London. We all had a good time. I finished my dress and shawl just in the nick of time. Once I saw what it looked like on the dance floor I realized I need to add a bit here and there to make it more complete. I also realize that the skirt is a bit too short so I have to work something out there.

The powwow was fun although the last three powwows we have been to have been only a few hours in length. I imagine when we get to a contest powwow we will be really tired. We have gotten spoiled by these short ones. I have some video from the powwow I will put up later today. So next Saturday is another one day traditional powwow at Trent in Peterborough. We still haven't decided if we are going to go or not. We are also trying to decide between a smoke dance contest at Cornell or a contest powwow in Ann Arbor Michigan. decisions, decisions...

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