Friday, March 26, 2010

Peterborough Powwow

To go or not to go...

We have a few shows that are coming up pretty soon and we have made some significant changes to it so we really need to rehearse but at the same time we ALWAYS want to dance at a powwow. Decisions, Decisions....

We recorded some video to make a promo dvd that I hope will be available on Monday. i will try to put it on here if I can.

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  1. hey whats up Nomi it's jake herkimer i was just lookin back and thinkin bout all the good tymes we all had up in the Falls and some of the shows that we did man talk bout the good ol days lol anyways do u have any pics of them days if u do id like to see them can u send them to that be cool anyways hope ur doin good ill get back to ya sometyme. later for now P.S if u send some pics thanks ur friend jake.