Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Native Dance Group

Well we have been writing new things for our show. There are a few groups around and we really want what we do to be different from what others are doing. We are working on something cool for both Male and Female fancy dancers. We are also working on some new footage for the mutlitmedia portion of the show. I have a cool idea for the hoop dance too once I get a chance to work on it. I want to do something with K because she is learning hoop and I want to encourage her.

We have some new and exciting things going on. A new partnership in the works with Grand River Rafting. What they do is pretty cool and I can't wait for warmer weather to get out on the river and check out the rafts.

I am taking a small break from the sewing machine right now. I am working on making a shawl and dress to go with my new beadwork for the powwow this wkd. We plan to hit up Mt Pleasant Michigan. I haven't booked a room yet though so I suppose I should get on that.

We have a showcase planned at the Woodland Cultural Centre on April 15. I have to hire a caterer for that yet as well. We are inviting representatives from schools and festivals and other organizations to come out and see what we do. I especially want people who were past clients of Kanata Native Dance Theatre there. Since we closed Kanata in 2007 I know people are looking for Native Dance Groups in Ontario to bring in to their events.

I had better get back to work...

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