Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outfit making and the race to powwow season...

Well it's just around the corner and of course everyone in the family needs new stuff. The kids keep growing like weeds so it looks like new mocs for almost everyone this yr. My husband has decided that he is finally going to dance fancy so I am putting together his beadwork right now. He helps me out a lot with the sewing but beading really is not his thing. lol.

The youngest has decided she wants to go back to fancy as well so I will be making her a whole new outfit once I get his done.

It only took me about four years to finish my stuff. lol but I do need to make dresses and shawls because I don't have any that actually match my beadwork. I wear my old stuff with my new beadwork which doesn't really make it feel new. I'll get back to my own stuff later though.

Thats my husbands cuffs in progress. The centre circle will be a turtle when i'm done. I can't wait to see it on him. I am so proud of him for deciding to do this now as an adult. This is something he has always wanted to do and I'm happy he is going for it.

This is the second youngest. I still have to finish the front of her cape. it's just applique right now. Everything else is done and she danced at Hamilton (copps coliseum) like that and it looked good but I just want to get it done before she grows out of it. lol.

I better get back to work now....


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