Friday, February 19, 2010

Milton show

We did a 10 minute performance last night at a fundraiser for a high school. I thought it went pretty well. The kids had fun and danced really well. They were of course the highlight of the show. The fundraiser involved restaurants in the town setting up food stations and the people getting to sample everything. Man was there ever good food! I discovered butter chicken. mmmm.

A young girl did some irish dance right after we performed. Her dress was so beautiful, this pic does not do it justice. If you know me you know I almost drool when I see shiny things and her dress was spectacular up close.

The countdown is on until we leave for Gathering powwow. I know that powwow is a bit controvesial but I truly think that everyone needs to attend it at least once to form their own opinions. I'll write more on that later as the date gets closer.

J was sick this week with a stomach bug and yesterday L didn't want to do the show because he wasn't feeling to good. Now Derek is home from work because he isn't feeling well. I hope this only a male illness. lol.

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