Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day!

We had a great time at the Sweetheart's powwow yesterday. I love any excuse to eat chocolate so this is the greatest day. There was plenty of chocolate to be had on the giveaway blanket. We had a long wait at the border and once again we were pulled over, so we finally got to the powwow with only 20 minutes before Grand Entry. I was rushing trying to get the two youngest dressed as well as myself and my husband was trying to get himself and the two oldest ready. I figured we would miss Grand Entry and wasn't all that worried about it because this wasn't a contest powwow. What I didn't realize was that our oldest was the only grass dancer there and they wanted him to dance before grand entry. Poor kid, he is a little shy and really didn't want to dance by himself. He did great though and I was super proud of him for getting out there even though we were so rushed.

Four of the six of us placed in the smoke dance contest. All three of the youngest had to compete against each other as they combined boys and girls together in the 6-12 division. J got 2nd and K got 3rd. My husband placed 3rd and I placed 1st in our divisions. I guess you could say that we are pretty competitive because we didn't care what the prize was we just wanted to win. lol.

The drive back turned out to take almost as long as the trip there as the border wait was over an hour again. sigh. All in all it was great fun and we are looking forward to the next powwow.

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