Wednesday, February 24, 2010

learning curve

So I had Derek take a look at our brand spanking new web page yesterday. Yes, he had seen it before but only when I was first creating it. He says to me that from the way I had things set up it looked as if we were brand new to dancing. I thought wow... your right. So I thought I had better add a bit of our history to this.

I have been performing my entire life and have been to some incredible places and meet some really great people. Dancing has truly been a blessing in my life. It has taken me around the world. One of my favourite places so far has been Nain, Labrador. I have performed at some very unusual places and have some really funny stories.

I often found myself in a place that I just knew I would never see again and thought to myself,"how lucky can I possibly get?". I want for the kids to be able to have the same opportunities I have had to learn about themselves and the world.

Anyway...before this gets all sappy, leave me a comment or email me if you want to know anymore.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Milton show

We did a 10 minute performance last night at a fundraiser for a high school. I thought it went pretty well. The kids had fun and danced really well. They were of course the highlight of the show. The fundraiser involved restaurants in the town setting up food stations and the people getting to sample everything. Man was there ever good food! I discovered butter chicken. mmmm.

A young girl did some irish dance right after we performed. Her dress was so beautiful, this pic does not do it justice. If you know me you know I almost drool when I see shiny things and her dress was spectacular up close.

The countdown is on until we leave for Gathering powwow. I know that powwow is a bit controvesial but I truly think that everyone needs to attend it at least once to form their own opinions. I'll write more on that later as the date gets closer.

J was sick this week with a stomach bug and yesterday L didn't want to do the show because he wasn't feeling to good. Now Derek is home from work because he isn't feeling well. I hope this only a male illness. lol.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's day!

We had a great time at the Sweetheart's powwow yesterday. I love any excuse to eat chocolate so this is the greatest day. There was plenty of chocolate to be had on the giveaway blanket. We had a long wait at the border and once again we were pulled over, so we finally got to the powwow with only 20 minutes before Grand Entry. I was rushing trying to get the two youngest dressed as well as myself and my husband was trying to get himself and the two oldest ready. I figured we would miss Grand Entry and wasn't all that worried about it because this wasn't a contest powwow. What I didn't realize was that our oldest was the only grass dancer there and they wanted him to dance before grand entry. Poor kid, he is a little shy and really didn't want to dance by himself. He did great though and I was super proud of him for getting out there even though we were so rushed.

Four of the six of us placed in the smoke dance contest. All three of the youngest had to compete against each other as they combined boys and girls together in the 6-12 division. J got 2nd and K got 3rd. My husband placed 3rd and I placed 1st in our divisions. I guess you could say that we are pretty competitive because we didn't care what the prize was we just wanted to win. lol.

The drive back turned out to take almost as long as the trip there as the border wait was over an hour again. sigh. All in all it was great fun and we are looking forward to the next powwow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuscarora mini powwow

Tommorrow is the first powwow of the year for us. It is a traditional one day-er with a smoke dance contest. We all have cabin fever so we're really looking forward to this. I don't have long to finish the other cuff....yikes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Outfit making and the race to powwow season...

Well it's just around the corner and of course everyone in the family needs new stuff. The kids keep growing like weeds so it looks like new mocs for almost everyone this yr. My husband has decided that he is finally going to dance fancy so I am putting together his beadwork right now. He helps me out a lot with the sewing but beading really is not his thing. lol.

The youngest has decided she wants to go back to fancy as well so I will be making her a whole new outfit once I get his done.

It only took me about four years to finish my stuff. lol but I do need to make dresses and shawls because I don't have any that actually match my beadwork. I wear my old stuff with my new beadwork which doesn't really make it feel new. I'll get back to my own stuff later though.

Thats my husbands cuffs in progress. The centre circle will be a turtle when i'm done. I can't wait to see it on him. I am so proud of him for deciding to do this now as an adult. This is something he has always wanted to do and I'm happy he is going for it.

This is the second youngest. I still have to finish the front of her cape. it's just applique right now. Everything else is done and she danced at Hamilton (copps coliseum) like that and it looked good but I just want to get it done before she grows out of it. lol.

I better get back to work now....