Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Thank you for all your support over this past year. We have had so much fun and learned a lot and we look forward to many more experiences. From all of us to all of you:


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trillium PS

I was a bit worried about the drive to Kitchener this morning but it turned out to be ok. I kept hearing on the radio about those people stranded on the 402 (I hope they are ok) and about how cold it was out that it made me pretty anxious. The roads weren't too bad but if anyone talks to Santa before Christmas can you let him know that we really need some good winter wipers and fluid for the big van. We had to pull over several times and throw snow on the windshield to clean it off.

The show went well and we were happy to see some families of the students in attendance. I hope they enjoyed the show because today was a cold one to come out of your house if you didn't have to so we appreciate you being there.

We are officially on our Holidays now but that doesn't mean we stop working. lol. We love what we do so we certainly don't mind. We will be working on our new multimedia show. Don't forget about our Facebook promotion. Become a friend of Tribal Vision on Facebook and post your school name and city on our wall if you're a teacher or principal in Ontario to win a free dance workshop. You have until January 15 as we will draw on the 16th.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New regalia for dance workshops

We took some pictures today of Derek in his new grass dance outfit. When we do workshops it seems best when he dances in the grass style so he has been borrowing his Son's outfit for the past few months. We decided that his Christmas present was going to be his own outfit and it is very nice. The ladies that made it did a fantastic job. It looks like it was made to match his beadwork. This is coincidence but I figure it's a sign that this was the outfit he was meant to have.

We are getting back on track with our new show. You may remember a few months back Shane had his computer stolen with a lot of our footage along with it. Well we re-shot it today and we will be working on it well into the New Year. The second generation multi media show will enhance the educational experience. We will keep you up to date on when it will be debuted. We are always striving to give you the best show we can.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Promotion

The Holidays are here and we want to celebrate by having a raffle. Have the Principal or a Teacher at your school in Ontario become a fan of Tribal Vision on Facebook and leave a comment on our wall with your school name before January 15th. We will draw from these entries for a free dance workshop!

Happy Holidays!

Peel Region Inauguration

The site for this event was the Royal Ambassador Banquet Hall. This place is just beautiful inside. As we are driving around in what seemed like the middle of nowhere looking for it, we thought to ourselves "is this event just a house party?" Then bam there it was smack dab in the middle of the country is this opulent banquet hall with gorgeous crystal chandeliers. The place did look "royal".

We danced one song and Adrian sang us a nice peppy tune that was fun to dance too. We didn't have a whole lot of room but we made it work. Sorry to any photographers that may have been whipped by ribbons but it was a bit close quarters.

We look forward to our show on Tuesday in Kitchener then a nice break for Christmas. We are working on new things over those two weeks so I guess it's a break from performing anyway. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, December 6, 2010

EJ James

We had another sing off today. The two boys chosen were very different but the one who won it actually knew the song. The whole group was so into it and were really cheering these boys on. You could see just how competitive these kids were at this school because they took this sooo serious and really gave it their all. Great fun. I LOVE my job!

So this is a behind the scenes look at how we get ready for a workshop. Yes Derek gets his outfit on and stretches and Adrian chugs an energy drink. Well they don't give you the nasty coffee breath. lol. Have great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whitechurch-Stouffville PS

In my humble opinion we had some of the best dancers yet today. We have worked with some great schools and everyone has had really creative kids but there was a group that just really worked so well together that it truly amazed me. I did notice that one of the little girls in that group was wearing a t-shirt that was from her town's performing arts group. hmmm I wonder if that had anything to do with it?

We are in the process of writing new material to update our multimedia show. We have been performing this version for almost a year now and it's time to change things up. We have been having really great ideas so now it's time to buckle down and get to writing and story boarding it out.

We are also ready to start creating a study guide to be a companion to our multimedia show. Yes, that means I will be calling on my Teacher friends for lots of help.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Copps Coliseum Powwow

The powwow was fun this year. It seemed a lot smaller this year. By smaller I mean specatators. It would have been a good year to go because you would have gotten a good view and the vendors were giving good deals.

As you can see I finished the new dress and shawl for Kristen. I was burning the ribbon on the shawl right up to her contest on saturday night. She placed 1st!

Jake is quickly growing out of his outfit. He wore a rocker for the first time and I thought he did great.

Ava got to wear her new dress and use her new fan. I was so impressed with the way she danced this weekend. She was so confident and didn't even need to look at the big girls to know when to raise her fan.

When the kids took their braids out they were dancing around singing "I whip my hair back and forth" soooo funny!

Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards

The CAMA's were an interesting experience. We were performing with the Lost Dancers at the Education Day at Copps Coliseum in the afternoon which was fun but wow whirlwind fast. We rushed from our performance across the street to Hamilton Place for the rehearsal for the CAMA's. When we arrived we were asked to put 5 of our adult dancers aside to perform in the closing with Susan Aglukark. Derek ended up doing that while the rest of us did the opening. That was cool and all but that meant staying for the entire show which was a long day for the kids.

We met the rapper Feenix in the hotel lobby before the awards and were pretty impressed when he let the kids hold his award after the show. I must say that I would hate to be the stage manager at an awards show. sheesh a lot of work.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Queen's University Show

We had arguably our best show yet today. The drive was killer, 8 hours round trip, but worth it in the end. When we arrived at the venue the space we talked about using turned out to be way too small so we ended up in the main auditorium with a great stage. We would really like to thank Duncan for making this happen. We feel very spoiled by this. lol. It made me really happy to be able to use their equipment instead of setting up all our stuff and having to tear it all down as well.

I think the stars were completely aligned for us today because we breezed through traffic, got a great parking space right out front and were able to load in and out of the auditorium right close to the performance space!

It is Derek's birthday today and the audience spontaneously burst into song for him. He couldn't stop grinning after that. I don't think he has ever had a whole crowd of strangers sing to him before. I almost cried looking at his face because he really appreciated it. Well off to bed we have another long day of performances tomorrow. We will be on loan to Lost Dancers for their teaching circle at the Copps Coliseum at 1pm and then at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards tomorrow night. If you come to the powwow this wkd stop by and say hi!